Hairplus eyelash serum is recommended for women and men who would like to extend their lashes. Moreover, the product rebuilds the damaged structure of eyelashes as well. Worth noticing, the product is not recommended for breastfeeding women and pregnant ones as well as for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Product: According to the producer claims, Hairplus is able to extend lashes within three months. Obviously, the period of treatment may vary because of individual eyelash and eyebrow roots reaction on the product. What is more, Hairplus is also good at taking care of eyelid and skin around it.

Worth mentioning, the cosmetic is also powerful enough to improve deteriorated condition of eyelashes, due to which, these become shinier and a little bit darker.

Use: Actually, Hairplus is easy to be applied and this can be performed in a few steps. First, it is necessary to remove makeup precisely, especially from upper and lower eyelids. Secondly, when the eyelids surface is prepared for the application, one has to draw a thin line with Hairplus right on the place where eyelashes meet with eyelid. Thirdly, have a night rest to enable the eyelash serum penetrate eyelash roots.

Ingredients: A single bottle of Hairplus contains 3 ml of the product. White and gold package is full of natural ingredients, such as D-panthenol, hyaluronic acid, biotin, wheat proteins, amino acids and fatty acid. The components are responsible for keratin production, which is the main element of eyelash structure. Generally speaking, there is a slight possibility that one may suffer from irritations while applying Hairplus. When discomfort appears, it is suggested to rinse eyes with lukewarm water and stop the treatment until the irritations fade away.


– Growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

– Rebuilding of damaged eyelashes and eyebrows

– Easy to apply

– Nourished skin around eyes


– Amount provided lasts only for 3 months of regular application

– Not everybody is destined to use the eyelash serum