How to apply a concealer the right way?

How to apply a concealer the right wayWhat are the basic rules of concealer application?

The first rule, a liquid concealer should be always applied under a make-up foundation. In such a way, it will be easier to smudge the cosmetic and blend it with the foundation. Remember, do not put on a thick layer of the concealer since it will be visible, even through you manage to select a foundation and a powder corresponding with your skin tone. In a case, that the concealer looses its power of camouflage after a few hours of wearing, do not apply any additional layer of the product. Better, remove make-up and perform a new, fresh one again. Powder face to make the concealer holds longer. Skim the cosmetic precisely on the same parts where you have applied the concealer.

Appropriate concealer – how to pick one?

If you suffer from dark circles around eyes, use a tube concealer. It has got plastic consistency, thanks to which, it is easy to be applied. What is more, it contains highlighting particles in order to cover wrinkles more efficiently. Compact concealers, in turn, are known as universal cosmetics. These can be applied by a make-up brush, sponge or even a fingertip. In such a set, we usually find several shades of the cosmetic which can be freely mixed and combined. When it comes to sticks and shifts, these are perfect to acne and small discolourations coverage. The advantage of such products are the antibacterial substances included.

Concealers and shades.

Beige colour of a concealer is the most universal one. It camouflages all imperfections such as dark circles around eyes, discolourations and acne marks. A yellow concealer hides bruises and redresses. With the aid of a pink-shaded concealer, one can cover signs of skin fatigue and makes the skin look fresh and radiant. When it comes to a green concealer, this in turn is able to mask broken capillaries, acne and all imperfections of red colour.

How to cover acne, broken capillaries and dark circles around eyes?

Let us start with acne marks. Gather a small amount of a concealer on a thin brush or use a stick concealer. Apply the cosmetic around skin lesion and pat it into thoroughly. Try to do not cross the area the acne occupies. When it comes to broken capillaries, treat these with a green concealer of plastic consistency. Cover these separately, do not smudge the cosmetic onto your whole face. In order to hide fine lines, use a concealer of a tone brighter shade than your complexion. Apply it above a wrinkle and pat into it. What should be done to make lips optically bigger? Cover the upper lip with either a yellow or a beige concealer and then smudge it.

To hide dark circles under eyes, use light and liquid concealers. The most efficient will be the ones of darker shade than the complexion. A brighter cosmetic will emphasize the swellings, dull skin and wrinkles. Do not apply the concealer only under eyes. Distribute it also on the top of the nose and a little bit on the cheeks. The brighter concealer should be applied under brow bone. Due to this, you highlight the complexion and make the eyes optically bigger.


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