Quickmax eyelash serum is recommended for women who would like to have longer, moisturized, healthier, and good-looking eyelashes. What is more, the product takes care of eyelid skin, making it smooth and highlighting eye skin area.

One package of the product covers more or less six months of treatment (5 millilitres of the liquid). Quickmax eyelash serum improves condition of eyelashes and stimulates their growth. The first results should be visible after around four weeks of the treatment whereas the ultimate ones after two months. The cosmetic does not have to be applied every day once the expected outcomes are produced. When the treatment is ongoing, eyelashes become more moisturized, glossy, and healthier. Additionally, due to regular applications, eyelashes seems as if these were longer, thicker and denser.

Each and every application of Quickmax must be proceeded with make-up removal.

With the use of a brush, you have to draw a line on upper eyelids. The line should stretch from inner corner of the eye to outer corner. It is suggested to perform application every evening. Despite liquid consistency, the product is not expected to run down into eyes. However, if such an accident happens, you have to rinse eyes with warm water immediately, stop the treatment, or even consult a general practitioner.

The base ingredient of Quickmax eyelash serum is hyaluronic acid. It provides eyelashes and eyelid skin with proper moisturization and regeneration. What is more, the cosmetic has smoothing, nourishing and caring properties. Worth realizing, eyelashes that are properly moisturized are able to grow and increase their volume.


– moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes eyelashes and eyelid skin

– efficiency

– easy application

– contains hyaluronic acid


– may cause irritations

– high price

– does not extend eyelashes in a significant way