Effective eyelash serum. How to apply?

eyelash serumEffective eyelash serum is a cosmetic that will nourish our eyelashes and skin around eyes. Its aim is also to extend, thicken, improve density, darken eyelashes as well as contribute to their regeneration, strength, moisturisation and deliverance of nourishing substances. However, in order to make an eyelash serum work the way it is intended to, one has to apply it properly. How to do it?

If we would like our eyelashes (and eyebrows) be prettier, healthier, stronger, longer and denser, then we must use an eyelash serum in an appropriate way. Why? Each effective eyelash serum contains plenty of active substances, which influence positively eyelashes’ condition. These comprise to, for example, their growth, thickening, rebuilding process of damaged inner and outer eyelash structure as well as the general improvement of eyelashes’ state. Important to realize, it depends only on us, whether our eyelashes get the substances they need or not.

Effective eyelash serum contains, above all, plant extracts, vitamins, moisturising substances and other natural ingredients.

What is the best way to deliver these into follicles and eyelash roots? We have to learn the rules of eyelash serum application. Basically, this kind of information should be provided in a leaflet attached to a particular eyelash serum. In most cases, the cosmetic is equipped with a thin and small brush. The good news, the manner of use of such an applicator is almost the same as an eyeliner application. With a quick movement, one has to draw a line on upper and lower eyelid, right on eyelash root line. Some eyelash serums contain a comb instead of a brush. In this case, the application reminds covering eyelashes with a mascara. The product has to be distributed over the complete length of eyelashes, from base to tips.

Are there any rules that should be followed during eyelash care? Yes, there are. For example, in order to make eyelash serum work the way we want it to, we have to provide the ideal environment for absorption of the product. And these, in turn, will be feasible due to precise make-up removal. Why? Only cleansed and dry skin is able to absorb all cosmetics applied. In fact, make-up removal should be perceived as the compulsory element of evening face care process. So what is the manner of application? Firstly, wash your hands and then cleanse face skin and eyelids from make-up. Then, one has to apply the product following the above-mentioned guidelines and wait till the eyelash serum starts working.


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