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FEG is eyelash serum which has got plenty of properties. It is recommended to people having weak, thin, short and sparse eyelashes.

What is more, FEG eyelash serum is here to lengthen, strengthen, nourish and thicken eyelashes. The noticeable results are gained after two months of usage. To make the outcomes hold long, it is advisable to do not break the treatment since it may cause the condition of eyelashes returning to the state from before the treatment.

FEG eyelash serum should be applied on the upper eyelid with the aid of a small brush. The cosmetic has to be put on cleansed and dry skin.

The original product includes ingredients of plant origin.

Moreover, it neither irritates nor causes allergic reactions. Unfortunately, its counterfeits are widely-available, and obviously, the use of these can cause stinging sensation and eye-redness. The price of both the original product and the counterfeits is comparable.

FEG eyelash serum is closed in a white and silver bottle put in a colourful cardboard box. A single package containing 3 ml of the cosmetic lasts for five months of the therapy.


easy application
interestingly designed package
natural composition


high price
one may encounter counterfeits
may cause irritations