Does an effective eyelash serum really exist

serum greatObviously, it does exist. Effective eyelash serum works really fast, does not cause irritations, is easy to apply and the cost of it is not too high. Effects of effective eyelash serum treatment are visible, in most cases, after several days since the first application. Then, eyelashes get their length doubled, become denser, stronger and darker. During the course of treatment, look and condition of eyelashes is improving. The first stage of the treatment lasts approximately between two and three months.

At this time, eyelash serum should be applied every evening.

After that, the next stage follows. As soon as the desired results are achieved, it is advisable to apply the product twice or three times a week. In such a way, the produced outcomes are fixed. What is more, excluding the first days of application, effective eyelash serum should not cause irritations. The first days of the treatment may result in redness and itchy sensation since this might be the very reaction on the new product.

Obviously, not every eyelash serum works this way and not each one of us have to experience this uncomfortable feeling. These are intermittent cases. Furthermore, effective eyelash serum is safe and gentle to such an extend that it can be used by people having sensitive skin around eyes as well as contact lenses wearers. Each high quality and effective eyelash serum should be composed of relieving substances. To demonstrate, these may be eyebright, chamomile, aloe and moisturising elements. One has to be cautious to avoid letting eyelash serum getting into the eyes. In such cases, irritation formation is almost inevitable. When it happens, one has to immediately rinse eyes with warm water and break the treatment until discomfort disappears. If the condition of eyes becomes deteriorated, it is necessary to consult a physician, a dermatologist or an eye specialist.

When it comes to application, this activity should be performed quick and it has to be easy. Effective eyelash serum is usually equipped with a thin brush resembling the one of eyeliner’s. With the aid of it, one has to distribute the product on the eyelash base, equally on the upper and lower eyelid. The cosmetic should be absorbed promptly and stimulate eyelashes to growth, regeneration and strengthening. Notice, before each application, it is suggested to perform precise make-up removal. Why? Because only cleansed skin provides perfect environment for any eyelash serum to reach follicles.

Moreover, the price of effective eyelash serum does not have to be high. Remember, a product characterized by low price may be either a counterfeit or a cosmetic aiming only at nourishing and moisturising eyelashes. Eyelash serums of exorbitant prices work often the same way like the mid-priced products. So what is the point of overpaying?