Generally speaking, RapidLash is recommended for women who have got short or thin eyelashes. The first, nevertheless minimal, effects are visible after a month of use.

The goal of the eyelash serum is to stimulate lashes’ growth as well as their thickening and improvement of density. However, after several months of treatment, it is hard to notice any significant effects. What is improved instead, is the general condition of eyelashes. If one would like to achieve the ultimate outcome, it is necessary to purchase a few more packages of the cosmetic.

RapidLash eyelash serum contains proteins, vitamins as well as moisturising substances.

Despite these are natural ingredients, still, the components can cause irritations or allergic reactions. Furthermore, RapidLash application is fast and easy. At bedtime, one has to cleanse eyelids and skin from the make-up residues. Next, with the aid of a thin brush, one has to apply the product on the upper eyelid eyelash base. In the first phases of the therapy, the eyelash serum can discolour eyelids.

RapidLash eyelash serum is sold in a stylish, silver bottle. The cardboard box is decorated in a similar way as the bottle. The bottle contains 3 ml of the cosmetic which is the appropriate amount to undergone the complete treatment.


easy application
stylish package
superficial eyelash regeneration


a time-lag before any significant results are produced
high price
neither lengthening nor density improvement
it may cause irritations
discolours eyelid