Talika Lipocils

Talika Lipocils is an eyelash serum able to make eyelashes well moisturized and slightly curled. Furthermore, improvement of eyelash general condition is observable as well. What is more, this product, as one in a few, has a mascara-like brush instead of an eyeliner-like applicator. For that very reason, Talika Lipocils can be put on eyebrows too. A single little bottle of the product (10 ml) provides a six-month treatment.

The first results of of Talika Lipocils treatment are produced within a month of everyday application.

Eyelashes become moisturized, healthier, and good-looking. The brush was created in such a way to separate eyelashes precisely and make them curl a little bit. However, the outcomes do not hold as long as we would like them to. To clarify, these disappear after two months since the last dosage of Talika Lipocils is applied.

As mentioned before, the eyelash serum has to be used the way a mascara is applied. Before putting on Talika Lipocils, a consumer has to remove make-up and dry out eyelid skin. Next, the brush has to be moved from eyelash base to the tips. Worth mentioning, the product is colourless therefore, it is hard to notice how many coast have been applied on eyelashes. This may be perceived as an issue since too much of Talika Lipocils may clump eyelashes together.

The eyelash serum is composed of several natural substances. These include, for instance, glycerine, alatonin, hyaluronic acid as well as plant and herbal extracts. All the substances take care of both eyelashes and skin around eyes.


– mascara-like applicator

– curls, moisturizes and smooths eyelashes

– efficiency

– natural ingredients


– colourless, impossible to count the layers applied

– does not extend eyelashes

– may clump eyelashes together

– outcomes disappear quickly