Homemade cleansing pore strips.

Homemade cleansing pore stripsDo black dots on your nose, chin or forehead plague you? Luckily, there is a way to deal with this problem. Give a try to special cleansing pore strips and enjoy your skin being smooth and perfectly clean.

What are blackheads and how are they formed?

Blackheads are a common skin problem of people having oily or combination skin. These skin imperfections develop when follicles become clogged with impurities, excess of sebum or dead epidermis cells. Sometimes, an inflammation develops just around the clogged follicles which has its aftermath in acne.

Fortunately, there are plenty of homemade, dermatological and over-the-counter methods that help fighting acne. For example, these life-savers can be in a form of face masks, creams, toners, medications, ointments including A vitamin derivative as well as specialistic beautifying and dermatological treatments. You can also make a good use of cleansing pore strips that are available in most drugstores and pharmacies. In most cases, such products contain silica, titanium dioxide and even witch hazel bark extract which is a medical plant of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial working. This kind of strips have to be put on nose, chin and forehead and taken off (together with the blackheads) after a period of time set by the producer. The strips have to be put on cleansed skin only. Otherwise, the complete procedure will not have any sense as it will not produced the desired outcomes.

The great news is, you can make such cleansing pore strips at home. There are two methods of making your own blackheads removers.

The first method – Prepare two spoons of gelatin and two spoons of milk. Combine these two ingredients. Boil until the gelatin get dissolveed completely in water and creates unite and even substance with the milk. Actually, you can prepare the same mixture in a microwave. Wait till the mixture cools down. Now, take a brush and apply the gelatine-and-milk substance on the very spots you would like to remove blackheads from. After 20-30 minutes (the mixture is expected to congeal within more or less a half of an hour) remove the stripes delicately. Unfortunately, this kind of a treatment is nor recommended for people whose noses are covered with tiny hair.

The second method – Beat an egg white till stiff and apply it on nose, chin and forehead with a brush. Take a tissue and cut out a form that matches the area covered with the egg white whip. Next, press the cut-out to skin. After approximately 30 minutes the ‘stripe’ has to be removed. It is worth adding that the very method also prevents wrinkles and shrinks the pores. Furthermore, egg white is rich in, among others, with selenium, which works anti-acne.

Skin rejuvenation step by step.

Skin rejuvenation step by step.Every woman wants to look beautiful and young. Unfortunately, passing time is not their ally. Is it even possible to turn back time and take away a few years from our face?

Yes, it is possible – just learn a few beauty tips on skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation depends on shallowing wrinkles, reducing discolourations, tautening and evening skin tone as well as eliminating broken capillaries from the face. In most cases, all skin rejuvenating beauty treatments are performed at a beautician. There also other treatments that are equally successful in terms of effects production and yet they can be conducted at home. If you want to get rid of wrinkles, then it is advised to get to know kinds of this fine lines since each type can be counteracted in a different way. Actually, it is worth knowing your enemy, isn’t it? First of all, there are six types of wrinkles: expression wrinkles, fine lines, day wrinkles, dry wrinkles, hormonal imbalance wrinkles and chronological wrinkles. Expression wrinkles develop as a consequence of natural contractions and flexing of face muscles (while smiling, squinting and eyebrows moving). Ageing of face, also called mio-ageing, starts more or less around 30. When a person turns 30, gradually the wrinkles are becoming deeper and deeper. Photo-ageing is connected with development of fine lines, that are caused by numerous external factors. Collagen precipitates, discolourations develop and capillaries are broken. This kind of wrinkles can be conquered with the help of face creams containing UV filters as well as A, C and E vitamins. Daily wrinkles, as the name speaks for itself, are visible during day, when our skin looses its radiance and freshness (moment right after waking up). In this case, you can rich for cosmetics containing C vitamin that are able to highlight skin. Dry wrinkles develop either when we moisturise our skin the wrong way or when we consume not suffice amount of water during a day. This kind of wrinkles are especially visible at low temperatures, air conditioning on or strong wind. With this in mind, it is suggested using face masks and creams of highly moisturizing action. Hormonal imbalance wrinkles develop around menopause period, when level or oestrogen (a hormone responsible for skin cell quality and collagen concentration) is upset. In order to minimise the risk of hormonal imbalance wrinkles, it is advised to apply creams containing plant extracts. The last type, chronological wrinkles develop with age. Simply, skin looses its firmness. This kind of wrinkles can be reduced due to professional beauty treatments offered by most beauty parlours.

If you would like to have a skin rejuvenating treatment done, you can choose among microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, botulinum toxin treatments, collagen or hyaluronic acid injections, chemical peeling, laser lifting, photodynamic therapy, no-needle/needle mesotherapy, cavitation peeling as well as radio waves or infrared radiation treatments.

How to take off a few years from face fast? If you have scheduled an important event yet you do not have time to undergo any of the above-mentioned skin rejuvenating treatments, give a go to a face mask. Such a cosmetic guarantees lifting, highlighting and smoothing effect. Remember, this is only temporary solution. Better results are produced by lifting creams containing vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Before you apply this kind of a preparation, cleanse your face first. You can, for example, apply a delicate face scrub. Moreover, put on collagen under-eye pads. They will reduce swellings, eliminate dark circles as well as smooth and highlight skin.