ProLash serum is destined for both eyelashes and eyebrows that are damaged, weakened or have the tendency to falling-out. Moreover, it is recommended for people who have undergone chemotherapy, have sensitive eyes and eyelid skin as well as for contact lenses wearers.

ProLash eyelash serum counteracts eyelash loss and their breakage, strengthens and nourishes these and restores their healthy look.

The cosmetic should be applied every evening till the desired results are achieved. Unfortunately, ProLash does not make eyelashes thicker and longer, which is why, it cannot be perceived as an effective eyelash serum.
The applicator attached is in a form of a tiny brush. In a case the cosmetic gets into the eyes, it may cause irritation. Moreover, the eyelash serum has got gel-like consistency which sometimes stick eyelashes together. The product should be applied on cleansed and dry eyelid skin.
The capacity of a single bottle contains 6 ml of the eyelash serum.


– easy-accessible
– strengthens and nourishes eyelashes
– efficiency


– causes stinging and itching sensation
– neither lengthens nor thickens eyelashes
– may stick together and grime eyelashes