M2 Lashes

M2 Lashes eyelash serum is recommended for people having short, thin and damaged eyelashes. The first effects are gained after a month of usage, however, the final result is achieved much later.

According to what the producer claims, M2 Lashes eyelash serum increases density, lengthens and strengthens eyelashes. Nevertheless, these are almost unnoticeable changes for the two-month treatment. What is more, the eyelash serum should not also cause allergic reactions, however, if the product gets into the eyes, one might experience uncomfortable sensation.

The eyelash serum is of dense consistency.

With the aid of a thin brush, the product should be distributed on eyelash base. Obviously, before the application, precise make-up removal has to be performed. It is also advised to remove contact lenses, if one wears these.

The bottle with the cosmetic is placed in a well-made cardboard box of black colour. The eyelash serum is available in the bottle of 5 ml capacity.

The cosmetic runs out after nine months. After opening, M2 Lashes is to be stored in a cold place.


easy application
nice package


inapplicable effects
high price
may cause irritations