French make-up step by step

French make-up – eyeline and lips.

French make-up is characterized by a precise eyeline and heavily marked lips. The classic French look equals black eyelines and red lips. Mind you, in 2015 spring/summer season a little bit different colours seem to be trendy. When it comes to eyes, all shades of blue, especially cobaltic shade, will be the best make-up solution. Lips, in turn, should be covered with all shades of red, starting with burgundy shades. What is crucial, the shape of the eyeline has to be sharp and clearly marked. Moreover, the eyeline has to be long enough to emphasize eyelashes, make them optically denser and bring out the eyes from dropping eyelids. When it comes to lips, if one wants to achieve the effect of classic French make-up, then they have to remember about outlining lips with a lipliner of a lipstick’s shade. Nevertheless, ombre style seems to be fairly trendy nowadays. To clarify, ombre lips style is characterized by gradual colour application. The effect is achieved by grading the intensity of lipstick’s colour by applying thicker and thinner layers of it.

French make-up, step by step.

Before you make a decision concerning French make-up performance, it is advisable to take care of face skin first. Exfoliate your complexion, apply a face mask and then a moisturising cream. When the cosmetic gets absorbed completely, apply a light make-up foundation, a BB cream or a concealer. Remember, French make-up is identified by naturalness, simplicity and delicacy. In other words, contoured face and blushed cheeks do not play the main role in this make-up style. The most important are eyes and lips. What is more, the make-up foundation or any other cosmetic that you cover your face with should have matching shade with your complexion. At the end, powder the face. Remember, do not apply thick layer of the powder but just skim the face with it, especially its middle part, so called T-zone since it shines most.

Cover your eyelids with nude eye shadows. It may contain sparkling particles or include bright brown tints. With slight darker shade, mark crease of the eyes. Be careful though, do not overdo it n terms of the amount of cosmetic application and the contrast between shades. Obviously, at the end, mascara the eyelashes thoroughly. In a case, some clumps are created or lashes become stuck together, comb these with a special make-up accessory. Do not forget about the eyeline! The line should be a little bit wider in the outer corner of the eye and head a little bit upwards.

Now, you can pat a base into lips. Outline these with a lipliner of a lipstick’s shade and fill it with the lipstick. Useful tip, if you apply it with a small brush, the colour will be more vivid and last loner. At the end, cover lips with a colourless lip gloss. This will soften slightly intensive lip make-up.