Lash P7

Lash P7 is an eyelash serum that was designed in order to help women valuing pretty appearance, take proper care of their eyelashes. In such a case, essential are natural ingredients such as herbs, peptides and vitamins. The eyelash serum does not include parabens, oils and other artificial substances. Interesting issue then, what is the expiration date of the product? The first effects of Lash P7 treatment are visible after two weeks as eyelashes become extended by approximately 2 mm. After another two weeks, eyelashes become lengthened by about 50%. On the whole, the outcomes produced are rather unsatisfactory for people wanting longer eyelashes extended in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, the outcomes do not last as long as we would like them to do.

To clarify, they simply vanish as soon as we put aside the eyelash conditioner. Eyelashes return to their appearance from before the treatment. As a consequence, it is essential to reapply the eyelash serum continuously.

The plus of Lash P7 is its package. The bottle contains 5 ml of the cosmetic. Such an amount should last for six months of everyday application.


natural ingredients
first effects after 4 weeks of application
big package


the outcomes dwindle the moment one stops applying the eyelash serum
may cause irritations