Xlash Pro

Xlash Pro is recommended to women who dream of longer, denser, stronger, and healthier eyelashes. Because of the natural substances included into the composition, the product takes care also of skin around eyes. Basically, Xlash Pro can be applied on eyebrows as well.
One bottle of Xlash Pro contains 3 ml of the eyelash serum. Worth mentioning, the product is also available in 6-mililitre bottle. The smaller package holds out five months whereas the bigger package covers more or less six months of the treatment. Thanks to Xlash Pro, eyelashes become stronger and prettier. What is more, the cosmetic stimulates eyelashes to extend and grow thicker. The first effects can be visible after three weeks. When the outcomes are satisfactory, Xlash Pro can be applied a few times per week only.

The eyelash serum has to be applied every evening, best at bedtime.

It is suggested to begin each Xlash application with hands washing, make-up removal, drying eyelid skin, and taking off contact lenses, if worn. Then, you can reach for the eyelash serum and distribute it along upper eyelash base. There is no need to apply the cosmetic on lower eyelash base since it is able reach these on its own. Moreover, the product is fast to get absorbed and is not supposed to get into eyes. In order to avoid this unpleasant accident, the cosmetic cannot be applied directly on eyelashes but on eyelids only.
Eyelash and eyelids care is guaranteed by the presence of natural substances included into Xlash Pro composition. Furthermore, the product causes neither irritations nor allergic reactions. Having this in mind, the cosmetic is safe for people having sensitive eye skin area. Nevertheless, not everyone is destined to use Xlash Pro. Basically, the cosmetic is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, underage as well as for people who have undergone chemotherapy. Last but not least, the eyelash serum contains plenty of fruit and herbal extracts.


– natural ingredients

– does not irritate

– eyelash and eyelid care

– extends and improves density

– efficiency

– easy application


– high price

– is not destined for everyone

– ordinary package