Nanolash is an effective eyelash serum combining many innovative functions and substances originated from natural environment. It is destined for short, weak, damaged and bright eyelashes. What is more, the product is also recommended to people suffering from severe diseases or those who undergone chemotherapy.


The goal of Nanolash is to stimulate eyelash to grow and become thicker, change the colour into a darker one, make these stronger, nourished and rebuilt. The first effects appear after a month of the eyelash serum application. When it comes to the final outcomes, these are noticeable after two months. After the desired results are achieved, it is suggested to apply Nanolash twice a week in order to support treatment outcomes.



The eyelash serum has to be put on at bedtime, on cleansed and dry skin. With the aid of a thin brush, you have to distribute the product on lower and upper eyelash line.

Nanolash as the effective eyelash serum, includes natural substances, which make eyelashes longer, thicker, darker, stronger and healthier.

Plant-based ingredients provide also the protection for eyelid skin and skin around eyes. Worth mentioning, the eyelash serum causes neither stinging nor redness. It does not also cause allergic reactions.


Nanolash eyelash serum is closed in a little, black bottle decorated with silver inscriptions. Fairly similar is the box where the bottle is stored. Inside the box, there are two compartments, one designed for the bottle and the second for a leaflet containing the product’s description and directions for usage written in several languages. The bottle comprises of 3 ml of the product that lasts for approximately six-month treatment.


effects achieved after a month of application
growth of new eyelashes
lengthening, thickening, darkening and density improvement of eyelashes
regeneration, rebuilding, strengthening and nourishing of eyelashes
natural ingredients
no irritations
effortless application
low price
aesthetically designed package


hard cardboard box and the difficulties connected with the opening

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