Mineral cosmetics – How to use them?

Mineral cosmeticsApplication of regular cosmetics is not so troublesome insomuch as putting on mineral care products. Below, you are going to find a few tricks on how to use mineral cosmetics the right way.

What are mineral cosmetics in particular?

Generally speaking, mineral cosmetics are composed of healing minerals such as zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, potassium, calcium and silica. In most cases, these minerals are available in a powder-like form. What is more, these cosmetics have anti-bacterial features, do not irritate, provide even camouflage, create perfect makeup finish and are good at reducing excess of sebum. Moreover, mineral products protect skin from solar radiation and have long expiration date.

Application of mineral cosmetics.

In order to apply mineral cosmetics, you should use brushes of dense bristle that are cut at angle. It is also suggested to use brushes made of soft bristle. Actually, there are two basic rules on how to apply mineral cosmetics. The first of them favours the conviction: the less, the better. The second one concerns the manner of the product’s dosage. In short, it can be summed up to four words: scatter, mix, shake off, apply.

Begin with cleansing and moisturizing your face. When a face cream gets absorbed, apply the first mineral cosmetic. Scatter a little bit of the product on the inner side of the lid. Gather it on the brush. Shake off the excess of the cosmetic. Next, apply it on the face using circular movements. Obviously, the level of camouflage depends on the amount and thickness of the layer of the cosmetic. Mineral powder can be applied both ways, dry and wet (damp the brush). You can also mix the powder with a face cream. When it comes to eyeshadows, you can follow the rule number two. Use only small amount of the cosmetic. Mind you, mineral eyeshadows are highly pigmented. Actually, this kind of a cosmetic can be applied wet as well. Mineral eyeliner should be applied by drawing a thin layer on the eyelid. Gradually make the line thicker. The width of the line depends on the effect you would like to obtain. Blusher and bronzers should be applied in modest amounts as well. Coat your lips with a transparent lipgloss mixed with a blusher.

Makeup done with the use of mineral cosmetics is fairly easy to apply. It will make you look not only pretty but also natural.

Care cosmetics that should be applied in winter.

Blizzards, howling wind, crisp snow and low temperatures – this is what we associate winter with. During this cool season we have to take double care of our skin. Therefore, keep moisturizing and protecting it against frost.

Which cosmetics to pick for winter?

Indeed, cosmetics designed for winter care have slightly heavier and more oily consistency than cosmetics that should be applied in summer. Despite the dense consistency, such products get absorbed fast and might be used as make-up base or as a cream-and-foundation combination (thanks to mixing these two cosmetics, process of make-up application is shortened). What is more, during winter it is advised against applying products which consist of water. Application of these products expose skin to greater and more negative in consequence work of winter and frost. Instead, it is suggested using cosmetics containing lipids, aloe, allantoin, panthenol, glycerine, E vitamin and UV filters (also during winter skin is prone to discolourations since sun rays bounce from snow surface and punch skin with double strength).

How does cosmetics for winter care really work?

When applied on face, hands or lips, they create a kind of a protective layer, isolate body parts that are exposed to adverse working of harsh winter atmospheric conditions. What is more, cosmetics applied in winter should be put on several times per day. Special care has to be paid to lips and hands since these two body parts are endangered at most. In other words, these are first ones to get dehydrated.

Home remedies for winter.

You can make your own cosmetics that will shield your skin against winter. In order to prepare your home care products, you can use peanuts, milk, eggs, bananas, papaya, peaches, avocado and honey. It is also a good idea to apply paraffin on highly dehydrated hands.

Here is a recipe for homemade face mask. You will need: one egg’s yolk, a tea spoon of orange juice, a tea spoon of olive oil, several drops of rose water and a few drops of lime juice. Now, mix all the ingredients precisely. Apply the face mask in the morning and after 15 minutes rinse it using warm water.