How to take care od fingernails?

What to do, if you are an owner of breakable and fragile nail plates?

Good news, it is extremely easy to take care of damaged nails. Suffice to apply appropriate serums that strengthen, nourish and make nails resistant to mechanical damages such as breakage and splitting as well as chemical ones caused by nail polishes or nail polish removers. Generally speaking, all preparations enriched in proteins and ceramides are the best ones for nail care. Do not forget also about hangnails. In order to take care of these, apply moisturising creams and masks. Such cosmetics should compose of lanolin, vitamins and glycerin.

When you finally make a decision concerning undergoing nail care treatment, resign from paining your nails for that time. Massage the care products into nail plates, hangnails and hands. Apply a thick layer of the cosmetics and put on special gloves that are sold at druggist’s. Repeat this activity, most preferably at bedtime, for several days. Fairly popular are also serums which combine a few features and include plenty of vitamins and mineral salts. Successfully, these can replace nail hardeners, drying accelerators or nail polish bases. These products are used especially when one would like to paint their nails a dark colour. Lack of a nail polish base may lead to break-off of the nail plate. What is more, nail serums strengthen, nourish and regenerate nails, prevent these from becoming yellowish, broken or split. It goes without saying, covering nails with a nail polish everyday, can lead to significant deterioration of their condition. It is advisable to, once in a while, resign from manicure in order to let nails have a rest. Apply then moisturising creams, paraffin masks or keratin serums. Their composition should also consists of A, C, E and F vitamins. If you do not possess such cosmetics at home, use olive oil or macadamia oil instead.

When it comes to nail care, it appears that diet plays also fairly crucial part. Strengthening vitamins and mineral salts that counteract breakage, drying out and diseases are for example, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, silica and A, B vitamins. We can find them, among others, in oatmeal, apricots, raisins, sunflower seeds, radishes, kohlrabi, celery and whitefish.

What has got the negative influence over our fingernails? Mainly, these are the shortage of vitamins, detergents use, temperature fluctuation, improper hygiene like too frequent hands washing or using nail polish removers containing acetone. What is more, improper care in a form of nail biting, short nail cutting or cut cuticles, the solar radiation along with improper nails extension performance also deteriorates their condition. If you notice any hollows, grooves or stains on your fingernails’ plate, pain or swellings of nail skin area, you should immediately stop painting your nails and consult a doctor. The same rules apply to people suffering from fungal infection, allergic conditions, paronychia or other dermis diseases.