Neulash eyelash serum is closed in a glossy bottle of 3,2 ml or 6 ml capacity. The smaller package holds out around five months and the bigger one approximately seven months. The liquid poured into the bigger Neulash package has denser consistency therefore, it has to be skilfully applied on eyelid.

First effects of Neulash treatment are visible approximately after three weeks while the final ones are noticeable after two months of the treatment. After this period, the eyelash serum can be applied every few days. Basically, Neulash extends and improves density, strengthens and takes care of eyelashes. What is more, the product can be used even when a person wears contact lenses, permanent make-up or false eyelashes.

When it comes to application of Neulash, it should be conducted using the brush attached.

The applicator should be moved along upper eyelash base (from inner corner of the eye to outer one). Application of the cosmetic has to be repeated every evening till the desired effects are obtained. On positive side, the the product is fast to get absorbed and does not leave any stains on eyelids or eyelashes. It is suggested to rinse eyes if the cosmetic gets into these. Moreover, it is also advisable to discontinue the treatment or see a physician if irritations are caused.

Neulash contains many natural ingredients. These organic substances are responsible for eyelash and eyelid care. To clarify, these substances are: vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, pumpkin seed extract, biotin, soya oil and glycerine.


– packages available in two capacities

– efficiency

– improves density, strengthens and takes care of eyelashes

– takes care of eyelid skin

– natural substances

– application


– thick consistency

– may irritate