Classic Soft Soap and its numerous applications.

Classic Soft SoapSoft soap is a universal product that was used by our grandmothers literally for everything. Although its popularity significantly decreased over years, its numerous applications remind unchanged.

Remarkable phenomenon of soft soap.

Originally, soft soap was used for hair washing, face and body cleansing as well as for laundering, cleansing and cleaning up. This product was manufactured adopting a very simple recipe. It was, and still is, composed of water, glycerine, sodium chloride and other derivatives of potassium salts. French equivalent of soft soap is Marseille soap, also known as Savon de Marseille. It is made from vegetable oils.

Soft soap – A living legend.

Although soft soap recipe remains unchanged (its look is not appealing in comparison with other colourful products having marvellous fragrances), it is a very popular cosmetic bought by many people. One group of soft soap fans are allergy sufferers. They reach for this cosmetic eagerly because it is super delicate for their sensitive skin. What is more, this classic product has anti-bacterial action, therefore, it can work as an ally with fight against acne. However, frequent application of soft soap might result in skin dehydration.

As mentioned before, soft soap is also useful for hair washing. The product is able to absorb excess of sebum. What is more, it makes hair cuticle open which in turn facilitates penetration of other cosmetics (conditioners or hair masks) deep into hair structure. This evergreen product can also be used for treatments accelerating wound healing processes. Suffice to prepare a mixture of water and soft soap. Such a mixture gives people suffering from atopic dermatitis tremendous relief. What is interesting, the same mixture counteracts plant diseases and repels insects. Finally, thanks to soft soap, you can remove stains from your favourite clothes.

Soft soap and its other applications.

Soft soap is also used for educational purposes – students of art carve sculptures in soft soap while stomatology students make teeth models using the very product.