How to identify effective eylash serum?

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Basically, by taking into consideration the outcomes brought by a particular eyelash serum, if there are any at all. But how to recognize effective eyelash serum before the purchase and treatment beginning? At first, this may look like a tough task. Suffice just to learn several features of effective eyelash serum. Then, you can go for cosmetic shopping!

The manner of application is one of the features that is characterized by any effective eyelash serum.

However, before talking about the way of distribution itself, let us check, how eyelashes are supplied with nourishing substances. Hair, including eyelashes, absorbs vitamins, mineral salts, macro and micro elements from skin cells, and then transports these forward, up to the ends of hair. Likewise, transportation of nourishing substances is arranged in nature. Trees or plants in flowerpots use their roots to absorb water and substances necessary for leaves, bark and other parts development. What do we do to help our flowers grow strong?

We water these and fertilize the soil, thereby, we provide everything which is needed by the flower to grow. As can be seen, we have to act the same way to nourish and care of our eyelashes. We have to make attempts to provide these with as many nourishing substances as possible, and supply these directly into follicles – the very place eyelashes grow out from. Special applicators – brushes, are dedicated to such tasks.

Every effective eyelash serum is equipped with this kind of applicator. With the aid of it, one has to paint a thin line right onto the eyelash base, both on the upper and lower eyelid. In this manner, we are able to supply follicles with substances responsible for growth, regeneration, density improvement and nourishment. Indeed, appropriate application is not the only feature characterizing effective eyelash serum. Another element are the carefully selected ingredients. Beyond natural substances of nourishing and regenerating properties, an effective eyelash serum has to comprise of ingredients that provide freshness to the product and make eyelashes grow and become thicker. The composition of an effective eyelash serum should include also substances which relieve irritations and foreclose the formation of possible irritations.

What is the estimated waiting period of both effects occurrence and the complete treatment itself? If you systematically use an eyelash serum, then, after approximately two weeks you should notice the first results. Obviously, this period of time can be ether shorter or longer since it depends on the way you react on cosmetic products. The complete length of the therapy is reliant on the type of an eyelash serum, nevertheless, it usually lasts about three months. As this period of time passes, an eyelash serum should be applied a few times a week.