Lilash eyelash serum works within three weeks. After such long period of time the first effects are produced. For the final results one can wait even up to three months. After that time, the eyelash serum is to be applied a few times per week.

Each application of the product requires devoting two or three minutes to let the eyelash serum get absorbed. Under those circumstances, it is the only one eyelash serum working this way. People rushing, for example, to work will be dissatisfied with such a manner of application, indeed.
Lilash eyelash serum was available in a cardboard box. Not long time ago, the colour of the package has been changed into black. It is a pity that the price has not also changed into the lower one. Luckily, the applicator is fairly convenient. Suffice to paint a thin line with it, on the upper and lower eyelash base. If the product gets into eyes, it is suggested to immediately rinse the eyes with warm water.

Otherwise, one has to brace themselves for irritations.


– colourful box (however, recently changed into the black one)
– handy applicator


– one has to wait long to enable the eyelash serum to get absorbed
– extremely high price
– irritations