Revitalash eyelash serum contains many crucial properties. It is recommended for women who would like to have longer, denser, healthier and stronger eyelashes.


Revitalash works multidimensional. On the one hand, it lengthens, thickens and improves density of eyelashes and on the other, it strengthens, rebuilds and nourishes these as well. The first results appear after a month and a half. When it comes to the satisfactory results, these are obtained after three up to four months. After that period of time, the cosmetic should be applied twice or three times per week.

One can said, this is fairy effective eyelash serum.


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The eyelash serum is to be applied at bedtime on clean eyelid skin. In order to distribute the cosmetic, it is suggested to use the brush attached and draw a line on eyelids, right on the eyelash base.


Despite the eyelash conditioner contains natural substances, at the beginning of the treatment, there might appear irritations in a form of eye-ache or itchy sensation around eyes. In a case of irritation formation, it is advisable to rinse eyes with huge amount of warm water, break the treatment till the allergic reaction is relieved and consult a general practitioner.

Revitalash eyelash serum is sold in a silver bottle hidden in a blue box. Inside the box, there are compartments that prevents the cosmetic from moving and incurring any possible damages. The capacity equals either 2 ml or 3,5 ml.


lengthens and thickens eyelashes
strengthens and nourishes eyelashes
easy application
nice package


high price
causes irritations