Latisse is recommended for women who would like to have longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes. Furthermore, the package is not similar in appearance to any regular eyelash serum. What is more, the manner of application also differs from the one we are used to.

Latisse has eyelas extending and thickening properties. The first effects of the treatment can be observable after three weeks. During the subsequent applications, eyelashes are supplied with active substances, the aim of which is to stimulate eyelash growth and density. Regrettably, the outcomes brought out by the treatment do not hold long since these wear off after a few weeks since applying the last dosage of Latisse. Single package of Latisse stores 3 ml of the product, which provides four months of treatment.

Latisse has to be reapplied every evening until looked-for results are noticeable.

In order to cover upper eyelash base, a consumer may use brushes that are attached to the package. When the brush fulfils its task, it has to be thrown away. To distribute Lattise on the other eyelid, it is suggested to use new, clan brush. Basically, there is no point in applying the eyelash serum on lower eyelids. Furthermore, a consumer has to be cautious enough about applying the cosmetic because if the product reaches eyeballs, some irritations may follow (i.e. swelling, lacrimation, redness).

Latisse contains strong substances that extend and make eyelashes thicker. Unfortunately, the very same ingredients may cause allergic reactions especially among people who have sensitive eyes and skin around these. Luckily, Latisse contains neither fragrances nor colourants.


– extends eyelashes

– precise dosage

– fast application

– no fragrances

– easy-to-wield applicators


– irritations

– poor efficiency

– purchase of new applicators increases the cost of the treatment

– outcomes wear off the moment the treatment is over

– high price

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