Basic information about aromatherapy.


Aromatherapy is a kind of alternative medicine treatment that depends on use of essential oils and other fragrances of natural origins only. Essential oils are introduced into an organism both ways, either through respiratory system or through skin. Aromatherapy affects condition of an organism in a very positive way.

What is aromatherapy?

According to historic sources, the first aromatherapy procedures were conducted around 3000 B.C. Back then, people used to mix plants, mainly thyme and myrtle. Nowadays, aromatherapy is practised in Europe, the USA and Japan. It combines natural medicine with herbalism. It can also accompany antibiotics treatments. What is more, such a therapy improves condition of organism, helps with preserving homeostasis as it enhances natural immunity system of a human.

As mentioned before, the main aim of aromatherapy is use of essential oils as healing agents. The essential oils are extracted from plants, mainly from blossoms and steams. What is more, essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting working. Additionally, they are able to improve blood circulation, relieve joint pain, muscle pain, headache as they help with general relaxation. Unfortunately, there is a group of people who are advised against undergoing aromatherapy and they are allergic sufferers, small children and pregnant women.

Essential oils.

Essential oils can be introduced into an organism due to inhalations (several drops of essential oils have to be added to a bowl filled with hot water, head should be covered with a blanket and the fumes have to be inhaled for several minutes), a diffuser (it has to be filled with a mixture of warm water and essential oils, a candle has to be lighted and put under the accessory), massage (an essential oil has to be mixed with a plant oil and massaged into skin) as well as compress (water has to be mixed with essential oils, a towel has to be damped and put on a body part requiring healing). Fairly popular are also candles and joss sticks designed especially for aromatherapy.

Some precautionary measures have to be taken while conducting sessions with aromatherapy. For example, essential oils have to be used only external, it is forbidden to sunbathe within 6 hours since application of lemon essential oil, essential oils must always be dissolved, an essential oil should not be applied on wounds as they should not be warmed up. Another worth pointing out information, aromatherapy can be applied all year round, without exception. When it comes to the best place for conducting a session, aromatherapy can be undergone almost everywhere, in a beauty parlour, in a sauna, in an office and, obviously, at home.

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